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According to Section 11 of the Immigration Ordinance, whether a person could be approved to stay in Hong Kong SAR is determined by the Immigration Department at its discretion.  In general, the following situations may be more likely to be considered:


  • Talent need for senior or specialist positions

  • Lack of experience or skillset required in local market

A person who obtains a work visa should only work for the designated employer.  If he/she intends to change employment, he/she must obtain approval from the Immigration Department. On the other hand, the employer’s corporate background is also important.  As guarantor for the visa application, the company’s business and financial position needs to be stable.

Required documents:

  1. ID990B form, with position title, reason for hire and salary package

  2. Employment contract between employer and employee

  3. Hong Kong company BR copy

  4. Company annual financial report

  5. Company background information

  6. Business proposal

Typically, Immigration Department takes 8-10 working weeks to process the visa application and an email notification would be sent out after completion of the process.

Work Visa
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