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About Us

Chessboard of Your Career


Founded in 2009, STA is a premier executive search and HR solutions consultancy, specializing in talent acquisition and a full range of employment support services.  We have a proven track record in Consumer, Design & Build, IT&T, Life Sciences & Medical as well as other sectors.

STA is strongly committed to support your company to meeting your evolving talent needs.  We pride ourselves with a team of experienced recruiters that have fulfilled positions at various levels for global multinationals.  Our HR consulting team offers customized outsourcing, payroll and HR helpdesk services to help your company handle daily HR to-do's.  With a cost-effective knowledge base, your company is protected on sensitive and time-consuming HR matters and could concentrate on more strategic goals and concerns.

The results speak for themselves, with nearly 90% of our engagements emanating from direct referrals or satisfied clients.

Constantly improving our service quality, STA is ready to be a partner in your organization’s development.


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