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Through an in-depth immersion into our client's unique culture and requirements, we at STA are committed to working in partnership with our clients throughout the search process.  With our proven methodology, vast networks and technology-based tools, we are confident in identifying the right talent to help you grow your organisation across Asia.


Our consultants are experienced recruiters or ex-market practitioners.  Each practitioner focuses on particular niche sectors and collaborates with our clients to ensure that we meet their specific requirements and, only qualified candidates are presented for specific mandates.


  1. Client consultation

  2. Development of Search Specification

  3. Research and Market Mapping

  4. Evaluation of results and Search Calibration

  5. Candidates interviewed by team

  6. Shortlist prepared for client review

  7. Client interviews

  8. Candidate Management and Reference Verification

  9. Offer Presentation and Liaison

  10. Post-placement follow up with client and candidate

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